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Project Summary

To create a user-centric solution in the NuBank app to reposition gift cards that were conventionally being used in physical forms in the target market.

Industry project
UX Design
Design System
Global audience

Team Member

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UI Lead
By introducing digital gift cards, our goal was to deepen user engagement with the bank's platform, fostering recurring interactions and transactions.
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What I wanted to achieve:

Introducing digital gift cards: The primary aim was to reposition the conventional perception of gift cards by transitioning them into a digital medium, thereby offering users greater convenience and flexibility in gifting and redemption.
Catering to various use cases: I aimed to accommodate the diverse contexts in which digital gift cards might be offered and utilized, ensuring adaptability and relevance across different user scenarios. Gift cards could contain varied offers ranging from discount percentages, or amount, gift item ,etc.
Ensuring clarity and ease of use: It was imperative to ensure that users could effortlessly comprehend the value proposition of digital gift cards and navigate the purchase and redemption processes intuitively and efficiently.
Business need

In response to emerging trends in digital banking, our neo-bank client sought to leverage digital gift cards as a means to increase customer engagement through quick and smooth adaptation of gift cards in digital form.

My role

As the UX designer for this project, my role encompassed a wide range of responsibilities, including conceptualizing and designing the user flow for digital gift cards and ensuring the seamless integration of these elements into the bank's visual design language.

Interaction design

Created wireframes and interactive prototypes to visualize the user flow and gather feedback iteratively.

Visual design

Designed new UI components and graphics within the bank's established design system, maintaining consistency and alignment with brand guidelines.


Collaborated closely with UX writers to craft clear and concise messaging.

Personal Challenge

Taking over a project midway was a daunting task, I had to quickly familiarize myself with the project requirements, constraints, and the client's expectations while ensuring a smooth transition. Additionally, working on an app in Portuguese, a language I was unfamiliar with, posed a significant challenge. However, by collaborating closely with the NuBanks product team and conducting thorough research, I was able to align my designs and language with the target audience's needs

In-depth details to this project are protected but I'd love to chat about the details of my work
at Nubank over email

The UI for the digital gift card user flow prioritizes clarity, simplicity, and ease of use.

High-fidelity mockups

Mobile Demo Screen
Fast launch implementation as the design was aligned with their design system.
Smooth adoption resulting in increased app engagement.
A happy long-term partnership with client.


Designing and launching the digital gift card feature for our neo bank client in Brazil was a challenging yet rewarding journey. Throughout the process, collaboration with stakeholders was paramount as we navigated the complexities of adapting to a new market and aligning with the company's design language.
The feature's launch in October 2023 underscored the importance of iterative design and cross-functional collaboration.

I'd love to chat about the details of my work at Nubank over mail.