A restaurant management POS system

My Role

UX Research & UI Design
Responsible for user research, Visual & Interaction design and help define product requirements and road map. Created User flows, wireframes and high-fidelity mockups along with the bussiness website.

Prodject Overview

MadShark is an intuitive, yet simple POS system that fulfils any restaurant owner’s end-to-end needs for day-to day business management. It is a web application dashboard to manage important KPIs of the front and back office of a restaurant.

The Problem

Restaurant owners need proper monitoring and detailed analysis of various aspects of the business. A solution that would enable them to plan and optimize orders, inventory, and reduce wastage.

The Solution

A single dashboard to manage all the functions of the front and back office of a restaurant business with a CRM to enable restaurants to manage their customer relations and offers.
Order management

A POS supports all customer-related transactions like ordering food, customisation and cancelation of order and payment. Additionally, by running through analysis predicts the most selling dishes day-wise, so that the restaurateur can plan in advance.

Employee management

This enabled management of employee related functions such as access & permissions, leave management and shift management.

Kitchen Display System

Automated the restaurant’s backend functions such as accepting, rejecting and customizing the order, and changing preparation status. This enabled the kitchen team to view and manage orders through a desktop, thus reducing the confusion and ensuring smooth functioning of the kitchen.

Inventory Management:

Complete tracking and management of inventory through objective and subjective analysis. This enabled the supervision of inventory across different outlets, set-up triggers when stock level is low, manage purchase orders and waste management analytics.

  • Streamline operations and efficiency
  • Enhance convenience and mobility for various stakeholders
  • Accommodate coupons and loyalty programs
  • Improve efficiency and reduce wastage
  • Maintain security for business
Surveys & Findings
We conducted interviews with some restaurant owners and their staff to understand the day to day tasks handled by them. Using this information, we created work-flows for each of the verticals; order management, employee management, inventory management and employee management.

Who is it for

Understanding the user demographic


Based upon the  surveys and interviews conducted, I created user stories and then a wireframe along with a prototype to validate the user stories. This allowed me to account for all the content and bandwidth to update and rearrange the content conveniently.

Overview of the Shop Set-up & Order Management

Shop set-up enabled the user to add shop and all outlet details to manage multiple outlets and their functions simultaneously. Order management enables the user to manage orders placed and adjust menu for online orders.

Overview of Employee & inventory Management

Insights from inventory management helps restauranteurs predict most sold dishes day wise, maintain inventory in the kitchen and main storage(for restaurants with multiple outlets) through objective and subjective analysis.

Business Website

Responsive business website to subscribe to the suite of products offered by MadShark. The aim is to give the user insights to the key value proposition and main features through the content of this website.